The international linear collider (ILC) has far superior sensitivity for physics within its energy reach than the LHC that will provide a glimpse into the Terascale. The resolutions required for detectors at the ILC far exceed those of the LHC detectors and the detector R&Ds for the ILC have indeed been significantly raising the standard of the field in the recent past. In Japan, a large part of ILC detector R&Ds had been supported by a JSPS program which ended in March, 2011. Luckily, we have been awarded a new 5-year JSPS program - a grant-in-aid for specially promoted research 'A global R&D program of a state-of-the-art detector system for ILC'. The goal of the program is to realize a detector system based on the so-called particle-flow algorithm which requires detector elements with super-high-granularity. We pursue this goal within international frameworks with close collaboration with our colleagues overseas. This kickoff meeting is thus planned to be international and as open as possible to the world. The location of the meeting - Tohoku - is also one of the two candidate sites of ILC (another one is in Kyushu). A tour is planned to visit the candidate site as well as an ancient town of Hiraizumi which became a world heritage this year.

Venue: The main lecture room: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University.