In the next few years, LHC is expected to provide us with hints on the landscape of the Terascale. On the other hand, the proposed international linear collider (ILC) has superior sensitivity and precision for physics within its energy reach. The resolutions required for detectors at the ILC, however, far exceed those of the LHC detectors and this poses significant challenges. In fact, the detector R&Ds for the ILC have been significantly raising the standard of the field in the recent past.

The objective of this program is to prepare the ILD detector technically and organizationally  to be ready to be constructed  when the LHC physics result  justifies the construction of the ILC and the political climate allows it to start. To do so, we will complete, in a timely manner, a detector design that is fully capable of realizing the physics potential of the ILC, and to develop the necessary key detector elements focusing on vertexing, TPC, and calorimeters. We pursue this goal within international frameworks, closely working with  international collaborators.

A project as large as the ILC cannot be realized without understanding and support of general public. Communicating the values of basic sciences such as the ILC with the public is also an important goal of this program.


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