Proceedings of SOIPIX2015

All the speakers and poster presenters are asked to prepare the proceedings of your talks.
We will publish the proceedings in eConf using online preprint system arXiv.


3rd July 2015.

How to submit proceedings to arXiv.

Guideline for arXiv

0. Write-up

Both PDF files and Tex source files with figures are acceptable to arxiv.

template for tex

Eprint templates:

On the title page of your proceedings, please include the text:
"Presented at International Workshop on SOI Pixel Detector (SOIPIX2015), Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, 3-6, June, 2015."
No lengthe limitations for both speakers and poster presenters.

1. Register to arXiv

You need to register to the arXiv.
If you already have an account, please skip to 2.
From login page, click regsiter for the first time.
Please fill out the blank, and the click next>>.
Please fill out again. For the check boxes for group(s), please check at least physics. Click register.
click submit.
You will recieve an email with URL, click it then you'll be resistered.

2. Submit

Click START NEW SUBMISSION, then you'll be at "Start Submission" page.
Check "I certify that the above information is correct"
check radio bottun for "Authorship" (most of them are author of the article).
check radio bottun for "License Statement" (if you do not have any preference, most upper one)
check the box for "Policy Statement"
choose the classification (If you cannot find the correct one, please choose "Physics" as archive and "Instrumentation and Detectors" as subject class).
click "Continue".
upload the files. File format can be chosen.
If you have LaTex source file and figures, please make tar ball (.tar) or compressed zip file (.zip), and then upload the file.
If you write with other editor like WORD, please make PDF file (.pdf) and then upload the file.
click "upload".
click "Continue: Process Files".

3. Process

you can check the uploaded file by clicking "View".
you need to add ".pdf" to the file name to see the file.
If it's OK, click "continue".

4. Meta data

fill out the title, author(s), abstract.
Please copy following text and paste to the "Comments" field
"Proceedings of International Workshop on SOI Pixel Detector (SOIPIX2015), Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, 3-6, June, 2015. C15-06-03."
click "Save and Continue".

5. Preview

check by clicking "View Article".
If it's OK, click "Submit Article".

6. Send the information to organizer

After submission, please send an email on the arXiv URL or identifier (e.g., arXiv:1506.0999) with the subject "Proceedings of SOIPIX2015" to Akimasa Ishikawa (akimasa _at_mark_

99. detele

If you want to delete wrong submission, please go to user page and click "X" in "Actions" column.


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