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Quantum Field Theory for Non-Specialists

C, P, and T Symmetries in Quantum Field Theory

Electromagnetism I

Recent talks

Physics and techniques of B-factories, KIAS winter school

Guage mediated slepton search, Fermilab Linear Collider meeting

Do we need pixel upgrade?, 99/3 Belle general meeting

dEdx option for linear collider, 99/4 Sitges LC workshop

Improved vertexing for Belle, 99/9 DOE review presentation

Particle Id. Issues, 99/11 ACFA linear collider meeting, Seoul

Experimental Status of B-Physics, 00/01, WHEPP6, Madras

A Status Report on Asymmetric B-Factories, 00/2, B-Phys. at Tevatron, Fermilab

Beam profile monitor based on pixel sensor (LBL LCD workshop)

Study of stau in gauge-mediated SUSY breaking models (LBL LCD workshop)

Measuring phi3/gamma 2000/8 (Tohoku Univ)

Measuring phi3 2000/10 (KEK seminar)

CP Violations in B Decays (Cairo, 2001/1)

CP Violations in B Decays (Kyoto, 2001/2)

B-Factories (Tohoku Coloquim, 2001/3)

High-Luminosity B-Factory (Snowmass, 2001/7)

Super-KEKB IR Issues (Super-KEKB Wkshp, 2001/8)

Observation of CPV by Belle (Tohoku seminar, 2001/9)

Beam Profile Monitor for Linear Collider (ACFA, Beijing, 2001/10)

Other B Results from Belle (KEK Topical Conference 5, 2001/11)

Phi3 measurement at Super KEKB (Super KEKB workshop, 2002./1)

Weak Interaction Summary Talk (incomplete;WIN02, NewZealand, 2002/1)

Recent Belle Results (Aspen 2002/2)

Detector for Super-KEKB (Instr. 2002/2, Novosibirsk)

Beam backgrounds and IR design (IHEP Beijing, 2002/3)

Future Heavy Flavor Facilities (Vietri Sul Mare, 2002/5)

Linear Collider Detector R&Ds (Santa Cruz, 2002/6)

IR beampipe and crossing angle (The 3rd higher luminosity B factory, Shonan, 2002/8)

Future Plans for B Physics (JPS2002 Fall, Rikkyo U, 2002/9)

Recent Results from Belle (PASCOS, Mumbai, India 2003/1)

Linear Collider Physics (Linear collider mecha-workshop, KEK 2003/4) (in Japanese)

Phi3 mesurements at Super-KEKB (6/19/03, KEK)

GLC detector (mostly borrowed from Sugimoto-san) (7/13/03, Cornell LC workshop)

Beam profile monitor based on 3D pixel sensor (7/13/03, Cornell LC workshop)

Experimental Results on CP Violation, EPS03 (7/23//03, Aachen))

Status of CP Violation (7/24//03, Karlsruhe)

All the 2.5-sigma Effects in CP Violation and Future Prospects (7/28//03,Aspen)

Linear Collider Detector R&D Overview(KEK, 8/19/03)

GLC Physics and Dtector (JPS, Miyazaki, 9/10/03)

IR beampipe and Beambackgrounds (High Luminosity B-Factory, Shuzenji, 9/25/03)

SuperB phi3 Sensitivities (High Luminosity B-Factory, Shuzenji,10/03)

Status of GLC and World-wide LC Studies (IHEP, Beijing, and Shangdong U, 10/14/03)

Beam profile monitor R&D based on 3D sensor (IEEE, Portland, Oregon, 10/03)

Beam profile monitor R&D based on 3D sensor (ECFA LC Workshop, Montpellier, 11/03)

Results on CP Violation from B-factories (Ochanomizu U, Tokyo, 11/03))

Worldwide Study on Physics and Detector for Future Linear Collider (ACFA LC Workshop, Mumbai, India, 12/03)

Hadron Spectroscopies at B-factories (Multi-quark Workshop, Kyoto, 2/18/04)

Linear Collider, Physics and Status (KEK phenomenology workshop, 3/1/04)

LC, Which and Where (La Thuile, Italy, 3/3/04)

Reports from WWS and Plans of Physics and Detector in Asia, ILC-Beijing 1/16/06

Report from WWS and charge to the workshop (ACFA ILC workshop, Taipei, Taiwan, 11/8/04)

Report from WWS and charge to the workshop (KEK ILC workshop, Tukuba, Japan, 3/3/05)

Charge to the workshop (LCWS (International Linear Collider Workshop), Stanford, USA, 3/18/05)

Recent articles

dEdx option for linear collider, 99/6

An analytical study of IR beampipe cooling,99/7

Space-time profile of e+e- interactions with crosing angles

Inclusive decay distributions of coherent two-body states

Lepton CP asymmetries in B decays

Time-dependent angular anlaysis (Belle note 419)

Flavor-untagged lifetime differences of D0


Linear Collider

Silicon project

Related projects


Tohoku phi3 mini workshop (2001/12)

SuperKEKB phi3 meeting (2003/6/12)

Extended superb/phi3 meeting (2003/9/17)

Silicon Vertex Detectors R&D


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